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What are the soil benefits of farm drainage?

  • Good drainage lowers water table and aerates the soil.
  • Soil temperature: it has been observed that well drained soils can be 6-12 degrees (Farenheit) warmer than undrained soils.
  • Good soil structure is the key to good plant growth, saturated soil damages the soil structure because it hinders the normal wetting and drying cycle.
  • Soil bearing strength: good soil drainage increases soil strength and reduces damage caused by farming operations.
  • Soil erosion control: Because well drained soil allows a greater volume of water to infiltrate the soil profile it substantially reduces surface runoff.

Why is it so important for fields to be drained of excess water?

  • Crop yield: increased crop yield has been proven time and again in studies.
  • More efficient use of machinery: Well-drained land permits better use of machines. So in addition to draining the soil you are conserving energy as well as less wear and tear on equipment.
  • Improved disease and weed control: Low soil temperatures and poor soil aeration produce plants that lack the vigor to resist infection by disease. Weed control is more economical on well drained soil because the plants are more vigorous and develop a more extensive root system that enables them to compete with weeds and crowd them out.

Should a field be given attention as soon as excess water is present?

  • Timeliness is crucial: Draining excess water from the soil profile considerably reduces soil drying time and improves trafficability, leaving more time for completing farming operations.

Does Agri-Tile have a "busy season" for draining / tiling?

  • Spring and fall are exceptionally busy and we usually book up well in advance to those seasons, Although we do try to tile in the winter (weather permitting) we are encourage tiling in the summer months. Although crops are in the fields at this time, it is necessary to get your tile installed in a timely manner, and which will cause less damage to farmable acres.
  • We do offer discounted pricing for summer tiling. Crop damage is usually very minimal.

Why should I hire Agri-Tile Inc.?

  • As experts in field tiling and drainage, we not only have years of professional experience in an established, reputable business but we are dedicated to top-level customer service. We respond in a timely manner because we understand that farm field health is essential to you, your business and the local economy. And we stand behind our work well after our equipment has left your field. Contact us today to experience the Agri-Tile difference.
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